Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i am a girl, i am not a dancer

I grew up in Battleford, and in elementary school I was one of the only girls who was not in dance. I was in judo. I have been in judo since i was just a little tyke, about four years old. I was always proud to be a judoka, but always felt left out when the girls talked about their experiences in dance class the night before. I used to wish I could one day join in on their conversations, but that never did happen.

When I recently went home for the weekend, my dream finally came try. My feet virgin to dance shoes found their way to a pair of point shoes. I was dancing around my kitchen living the dream of a dancer! It took me 24 seconds to realize why my mother never put me in dance. My feet killed! They hurt so bad as I clunked around the kitchen entertaining my mother and a friend as they hysterically laughed at me! I was not as graceful as I am on the judo mats.
Me trying to be a dancer @ home

I guess I learned that everyone has their calling, even if it is the opposite of everyone else. I am glad I am not a dancer, I am proudly a judoka!

Me and My little brother Jesse After A Judo Tournement In Saskatoon


  1. lol.... thats hillarious. I was one of those girls in dance, and I hated it. I actually begged my mom to let me drop out so I could join karate. Go figure lol

  2. I guess it's true that we they say, you always want to be somewhere your not. I am happy now that I look back though.

  3. Haha, that's a great pic of you dancing. I actually joined the world of dance a little late... I was 11 or 12, I believe. But I loved it and I'm actually still in dance (competition season is coming up pretty soon here). I take an adult jazz class once a week to keep up my love of dance.
    You'll have to demonstrate (or video) some of your awesome judo skills ;)

  4. Dani
    I know exactly what you mean. I was always one more for the sports where you didn't have to b graceful! Like basketball where you got to hit people and such.. but no worries, when we do dance, it is more for the fun now than to look good! Keep up all the great work!