Thursday, January 29, 2009

i aspire to be an artist, what does that even mean

For my Aesthetic Eduction I am going to explore the beauty world of photography. I have always wanted to try it out and was rather disappointed to find out that there was no room in my program to take a photography class, but heres my chance! For the month of February i plan to take at least one picture a day. By doing this I hope to really understand photography, rather then simply snapping a picture at something i think looks cool. I want to be able to play with exposure, and color tones, and angles, and figure out what really works for me. It's so easy to just take a good picture, but i want to know what makes a photo good. Whats the different between taking a picture and taking an artisitc photograph?! Who decides when a picture is artistic and beautiful? I want to be artistic but what that even mean?! Is it a state of mind or is it the result of my effort?

My dad is an artist and an amazing photography. He is where i get most of my inspiration from. He takes amazing pictures and then creates beautiful paintings from them. I WISH!!! I am hoping that this little photography binge will challenge me to live up to my incredible father!

I want to be able to capture light like this. Photo from my sister's wedding taken by my Dad.(right)
This is life as an artists daughter. After a little photo shoot, this is the start of a painting my dad did of me.(below)


  1. Wow... Your dad's really talented.
    As for photography, I think it has a lot to do with perspective and theme, as exposure and angles fall into place. Light and shadow is always important, but knowing what you're shooting and why you are shooting it, is always important. You really have to look at things differently. Look at things you thought once were ugly, but find the beauty in it. Sometimes something thats ugly is actually really unique and thats what makes it beautiful.
    I know when I was in Montreal over Christmas, I was taking the bus downtown from near the airport, and I remember looking at the snowy, dirty cloudy city, and thinking how ugly it was, but at the same time, it was beautiful. It was so weird, I guess as Denise would say, I had an aesthetic moment.
    Anyways, thats just me.

  2. I have alwayas looked at things in perspective of being a good photo. Sometimes when i see things i think of them as drawings or photos. Now i just have to take the initative to actually take the pictures! But if i need any help ill let you know, i know your pro!

  3. And Dani, if you come up with any great ideas let me know! I am also doing photography, we could bounce some ideas of what we have tried, what worked, and what didn't. Does your dad have a website with some of his work?!


  4. The world of photgraphy is a mystery to me, I'm usually happy when I can take a picture that is clear. I can't even think about lighting and all the jazz that goes into photography. I really enjoyed the question you asked "Is it a state of mind or is it the result of my effort?". I think if you like making the art, you are an artist. It's your perspective,so no one can tell you that you're not an artist.

    Good luck with this project Dani, I can't wait to see some of your beatiful photography! peace

  5. Amber there is no website with my dad's work on it, there is a super old one but i don't even know if it's up and running still.

    I am excited to try this whole photography thing especially when i have people like you guys backing me up! I will definetly be posting my photos for you to check out and feel free to be honest with me i would appreciate the constructive criticism.