Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is my lovely iGoogle home page it's early stages. I have put on the required widgets of google reader and delicious. I also stuck my Gmail and Hotmail up there for easy access in the future. It will be nice to have one page to go instead of a zillion. I also put up a Facebook widget because yes, i am a guilty addict of facebook. I also put up fun little widgets like a calender and a clock, just to keep me on track. The countdown I started is for my trip to Vancouver, which as you can see is in 22 days and needless to say I am VERY excited for it! Now I will have a visual reminder everyday of how close it is which is pretty cool. I stuck YouTube up there because I tend to use yourtube to look up the random thing or two. Also the weather for Regina and North Battleford, my home town! Yeyeah, proud to be a Battlefordian! Wow I'm a loser.

But so far this is my lovely iGoogle page. I guess you could say it is always going to under construction because I love to exploring the neat things you can add, so it will change frequently! This is the link to my sweeeeeeeet homepage and feel to check 'er out

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  1. Cool homepage, Dani! I also think the weather widget is pretty neat :)
    Just so you know, other people can't be linked to your iGoogle page. We would have to sign into your Google account to see it; I think that's why Dean asked us to make screenshots instead of links. Too bad :(
    See you in class,