Monday, March 30, 2009


This is it people! Less then two weeks till the last day of class! IT IS CRUNCH TIME.

I draw to express myself and I did this self portrait to express how I have been feeling lately, stressed and totally anxious for summer!

To view more of my work you can add me on facebook and go to the album this is my work, or you can check er' out right here.

final project infooooormation

for my final project in ECMP, me and robbie have been working (or not so much yet) on a video for the nextvista website. last monthish when we were home in the Battlefords, me and him did a round about trip throughout the communitee and took some LOVELY pictures of schools, museums, galleries, churches, old houses, resturants, and all those loevely things that make up a city/town. You guys will just love the video that we do make and im sure after watching it you will be soooo excited to visit The Battlefords. I mean for anyone who has been there you know what im saying, its a prettttty happening place, cosidering the newest, nicest building in North Battleford in the liquior board. I don't mean this in a demeaning way, I love the battlefords. I know you guys can't wait to see the video so we will work to get it up sometime soon, and while your waiting why not check out the battleford's website. Enjoy fellow earthlings.

a short video, a great video, a hilarious video


This is the video that i chose that incorporates elements of a successful video. The different shots and angles are arranged in a way that allows a smooth visual effect for the viewer. This video is hilarious, and is very well put together. check it out!

google maps

google maps, google earth, making my life public. during the online class while we were talking about this i brought up the question "wouldn't a stalker use this application?", while my prof told me that this application really wasn't anything too showy interms of privacy, and would not be used by stalkers, i had my doubts. I mean if i was a stalker i would definetly use it!

I did my google map with battleford sask. my good ol' home town. Battleford is about a three minute drive from the city of Northbattleford.

YELLOW HOUSE= my house

BLUE BUS= my elementary school

YELLOW BAG= pharamacy I worked at in highschool

MILK+APPLE= grocery store I work at in highschool

RED CROSS= My church

This is my house (yellow pin) across from the north sask river.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is my highschool story

I used animoto to tell the story of my high school career. I was olnly to use a very little amount of photos which was kind of frustrating. At first I didn't know I could only use a few, so i had a lot more chosen and ready to go, then I created the video and it was only the first like 5 pictures. So i had to go back and revise my whole video. Despite that i liked this website b/c it does all the work interms of composing, all i had to do was chose the pictures and music and there it was.

Monday, March 23, 2009

EAES project

I had to do a major project for my Ed Aesthetics class. I chose to do photography as an area of the arts that i had not dealt with much. For my final presentation of my photographs i decided to make a little video of them, mainly because of the influence of this class, and my new found experience with these programs. Enjoy you digital natives.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

4 pics, one story

okay so when i started to make this i had no idea what to do it about! i gathered some pictures and this is what i came up with, although the end result is pretty corny. enjoy my people. If you can't read the font, you can click on the picture to enlarge it.


My Master card video. Its on youtube as Priceless Vancouver Trip. I have never put anything on yourtube before so that was a new experience for me. I used photos from my trip to Vancouver in February. It's a corny, but what mastercard commercials arnt. enjoy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

TED Jamais Cascio

The world is a fast changing place that is in need of me advances if we want to keep up. The world is an in credibly different place then it was even 50 years ago, and because of this we require "tools for building a better world". Jamais Cascio touches on some of the dramatic changes that have and that will take place in our world. Things as simple as car design have changed over time and will inevitable continue to change. He says that things like this must change to keep up with an ever changing world. He speaks of the incredible mass use of cellphones is amazing, and the power that this great mass holds. It is incredible how much information and technology we have at our fingertips, and not only "us" as in north americans, but people all over the world. He talks about a inspirational project called EARTH WITTESS, and how we are already equipped to perticipate in it. The web based part of this project would be created by the users, this is incredible that in this day and age we indivually have the technology to do this. A large part of this talk focuses on cellphone and the endless uses for them. He says that for many people a call phone is just an extension of ones self. For me this is definetly true.

This is a talk that got me thinking about the potentional of our world with all the technology that it has.


ECMP has definetly been one of my difficult classes to stay on top of. I know that I am a GIANT procrastinator, but this class has been really difficult for me to get into. For one when I am on the computer it is SOOO easy for me to get side tracked. To get any work down for other classes I have to shut myself up in a room with no distractions, and when i try to do work for this class its distractions galour!! I also find it interesting how in the online classes we are walked through these steps on how to do things, but it doesn't help me. I need someone to walk me through it AS I do it. I know I can always watch the online recording, but this class makes me CRAVE human contact. I know I am definetly a people person and rely on socializing to get my through a day, but this class has really opened my eyes to that trate in myself. I need to go to Robbie and say okay can you tell what the hay happened in class b/c it all went over my head. Maybe I am just dumb, but i really need someone to on a personal level to say okay this is how you do it. I woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomache thinking of how much i need to do to catch up in this class. I feel like i have been left behind in this class, mainly b/c of my own procrastiation and lack of computer skills, but also b/c this class is definetly not made for people like Dani Bauche. This class has definetly been a challenge for me just to stay on top of my work, especially with no due dates, that really screwed me over, i need something to create boundries for me or else i just get consumed in my own "authority" over it. Now I find myself stuggling to catch up. I don't know if there is anyone else out there that is having such problems, but i just thought i would share with the world how computer illerate Dani Bauche is, and although ECMP has been a huge challenge for me it has also been the most eye opening experience for me this semester. Thats what this is about right? Learning? Well I learned more things about myself then computers.

Okay now I have to go get my butt in gear. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For my mentorship i am working with Mrs. Clark Evans' english class. Recently i received a number of emails from her with some of the students work. Reading the students work and editing and commenting on it reallllly made me feel like a teacher. I enjoyed reading the students work and being able to read some amazingly creative pieces. I know I am not the best edititor of english papers but I was able to include constructive critism on the papers, and i did this with enthuism.

Monday, March 2, 2009

all about little miss dani bauche

This semester I am acting as a student mentor to Mrs. Clark Evans. This is a Get-To-Know-Me-Blog for her and her students to check out so they have some idea who they are dealing with!

My name is Danielle Bauche, and I am first year student at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. I am in the Arts Education program majoring in Visual Arts. I absolutly love the program and am having so much fun in this first year!

I am 18 years old and am fresh out of highschool. This is the first year living away from my mommy and daddy, but its not too bad because I am living with my sister and her husband in Regina.

I don't really know what to say about myself, so if there are any questions about ANYTHING about me I would gladly answer them in a new blog post. But until then here are ten very random facts about myself.

1. I started judo when i was about four and this is the first year I am not in it.

2. I come from a family of seven. I have two older brothers, an older sister, and a younger brother.

3. My favorite color is yellow!

4. My birthday is June 13th.

5. I come from a family of successful artists and musicians, and i stive to be even half as good as them!

6.I have been outside outside of Canada

7. My last name is pronounce boh-sh, and I have heard millions of attempted pronunciations.

8. My favorite subjects in highschool were Art, Phys. Ed., and Physics. My least favorite was Chemistry and Social Studies.

9. I am a very outgoing person and love to have fun! Boring is not in my vocabulary!

10. I abosultly LOVE icedtea and I eat ketchup with nearly everything!

Here are some photos of me
-on the plane headed to vancouver
-in vancouver on the beach doing a cartwheel
-my most recent drawing (its from the notebook movie cover)