Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is my highschool story

I used animoto to tell the story of my high school career. I was olnly to use a very little amount of photos which was kind of frustrating. At first I didn't know I could only use a few, so i had a lot more chosen and ready to go, then I created the video and it was only the first like 5 pictures. So i had to go back and revise my whole video. Despite that i liked this website b/c it does all the work interms of composing, all i had to do was chose the pictures and music and there it was.


  1. Ya that irritated me too. I also had a bunch of pictures uploaded and ready to make into the video but it ended up only showing a few of them :P Kind of a bummer. It is kind of a neat tool if you want to make something quick, but I didn't like how you didn't have many options.


  2. Agreed. Did you figure out how to embed it so we can see it?