Monday, March 23, 2009

EAES project

I had to do a major project for my Ed Aesthetics class. I chose to do photography as an area of the arts that i had not dealt with much. For my final presentation of my photographs i decided to make a little video of them, mainly because of the influence of this class, and my new found experience with these programs. Enjoy you digital natives.


  1. You got a great collection, I especially loved the vegetable shot, the one of the carrots and cucumbers, with their contrasting colours all in a pile. Looks good Dani!

  2. Right on Dani. I also did photography, and made a video too. I will wait till after we present in Friday's class before I post mine though. :)


  3. Hey Dani,
    Your video presentation in class yesterday was great, but your photos are even better! Keep up the practicing!