Monday, March 30, 2009

google maps

google maps, google earth, making my life public. during the online class while we were talking about this i brought up the question "wouldn't a stalker use this application?", while my prof told me that this application really wasn't anything too showy interms of privacy, and would not be used by stalkers, i had my doubts. I mean if i was a stalker i would definetly use it!

I did my google map with battleford sask. my good ol' home town. Battleford is about a three minute drive from the city of Northbattleford.

YELLOW HOUSE= my house

BLUE BUS= my elementary school

YELLOW BAG= pharamacy I worked at in highschool

MILK+APPLE= grocery store I work at in highschool

RED CROSS= My church

This is my house (yellow pin) across from the north sask river.

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