Monday, March 30, 2009

final project infooooormation

for my final project in ECMP, me and robbie have been working (or not so much yet) on a video for the nextvista website. last monthish when we were home in the Battlefords, me and him did a round about trip throughout the communitee and took some LOVELY pictures of schools, museums, galleries, churches, old houses, resturants, and all those loevely things that make up a city/town. You guys will just love the video that we do make and im sure after watching it you will be soooo excited to visit The Battlefords. I mean for anyone who has been there you know what im saying, its a prettttty happening place, cosidering the newest, nicest building in North Battleford in the liquior board. I don't mean this in a demeaning way, I love the battlefords. I know you guys can't wait to see the video so we will work to get it up sometime soon, and while your waiting why not check out the battleford's website. Enjoy fellow earthlings.

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