Sunday, March 15, 2009

TED Jamais Cascio

The world is a fast changing place that is in need of me advances if we want to keep up. The world is an in credibly different place then it was even 50 years ago, and because of this we require "tools for building a better world". Jamais Cascio touches on some of the dramatic changes that have and that will take place in our world. Things as simple as car design have changed over time and will inevitable continue to change. He says that things like this must change to keep up with an ever changing world. He speaks of the incredible mass use of cellphones is amazing, and the power that this great mass holds. It is incredible how much information and technology we have at our fingertips, and not only "us" as in north americans, but people all over the world. He talks about a inspirational project called EARTH WITTESS, and how we are already equipped to perticipate in it. The web based part of this project would be created by the users, this is incredible that in this day and age we indivually have the technology to do this. A large part of this talk focuses on cellphone and the endless uses for them. He says that for many people a call phone is just an extension of ones self. For me this is definetly true.

This is a talk that got me thinking about the potentional of our world with all the technology that it has.

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