Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For my mentorship i am working with Mrs. Clark Evans' english class. Recently i received a number of emails from her with some of the students work. Reading the students work and editing and commenting on it reallllly made me feel like a teacher. I enjoyed reading the students work and being able to read some amazingly creative pieces. I know I am not the best edititor of english papers but I was able to include constructive critism on the papers, and i did this with enthuism.


  1. Hey Dani!
    I think it is great that you are actually getting a chance to edit and help students out with this project - that's awesome. I found in internship that becoming a critical educator is so important! I am now sure if you guys talk about this in your classes, but in elementary, we often debate about using marks vs. comments. Students are finding themselves so wrapped up in marks that they don't actually realize what they have to improve on. I have seen a lot of really cool articles (Inside the Black Box) that talks about assessment and the reason for it.
    When I was marking in internship, I found that if I stuck truely to my philosophy of education, I really need to work on leaving constructive comments.
    Hope you are enjoying your mentorship - sounds like you are! Just a quick question, how old are the kids you are working with?

  2. Hi Dani,
    I am also working with Jennifer's English class. I'm commenting on their work through their blogs. So, she is sending you essays and such through email?