Tuesday, April 7, 2009


growing up i had no pets. my mom is very allergic to fur. over the coarse of my childhood, we had one cat (that was shot by our neighbor when i was two), some goldfish, some hamsters, and my beloved guinea pigs corky jones and tasia (until my little brother stopped taking care of them so my mom gave them away, and poor corky died soon after). but never had i had a real pet that i had been attached to and loved. when people cried when their cats and dogs died, i just didn't get it, yeah its sad, but its an animal! very replacable.

sometimes i would see how long i could go without feeding my fish. one lasted six months without me feeding him, until my boyfriend found out i was neglecting them and started feeding them.

but this year i moved to regina and am living with my sister and her husband. they have the cutest cat ever. his name in Benoit. he is crazy, he runs around the house like a wild child, hides under the couch and attacks our feet, pushes the bathroom open when your in the shower so its nice and cold when you get out, runs up the stairs in front of you then lays on the third top stair and attacks your feet, lays on your face while you lay on the couch, rubs himself on your hands until you pet him, scratches and bites us, scratched holes in the plastic we put over the windows for the winter, bites me when i sing, and sleeps with me everynight.

i have never been able to say this until this year, but i love my cat!


  1. Your cat was SHOT by your neighbor? WHAT?!

  2. yes :(, her name was jaffa and she was a gorgeous long haired siamese cat. i guess our neighbor was a little sour...

  3. Ooh, you know me and my cats. LOVE them! I'm glad that you posted this; it made my day. I am a little sad about your other pets though :(