Monday, April 6, 2009


podcasts podcasts podcasts. complex podcasts.

first thing i did was search the itunes store looking at podcasts. i was looking at ones that interest me and i found the ones pertaining to flight of the conchords and i got soooo excited. flight of the conchords is an amzingly hilarious tv show that makes me laugh till i pee myself.

I found this podcast of a four minute summary of season one of flight of the conchords, so here it is, if you havnt seen it and dont want to spoil it then DONT WATCH IT. It's just clips from episodes with a little narrative, it kind of captures the humour of the show, is a very specific sense of humour and a lot of people just think its dumb, but to me its just amazing.

Then looking for a educational blog i wanted to find one that wasnt language based. there are so many that are like learn french, english, spanish, but i wanted to find one that i could relate to a little better as i am not bilingual or interested in learning another language and this point in my life. Sooooo i went and i found the coolest videos EVER! They are about the underwater life near south australia. It is a short clip from a video that is being filmed for IMAX and its 3D. It is amazingly cool. It is much like planet earth, and i loved that. the video also looks at how they filmed the movie. so here it is check er out and enjoy!

in terms of making my own podcast, people it is not going to happen, yes i learned a lot throughout this semester in this class but this is just way to over my head. i honestly think this was a little final test from Dean to see who truely was technologically dominating, well you caught me Dean! I suck! hahah but really i talked to a few classmates who had a whole lot of trouble making podcasts, and to those of you that did them, (i know i listened to robin's) Congrats! I have so much stuff i need to do with these last precious hours of homework time, i cant spend them trying to create a podcast, but i hope one day you WILL see one on this blog! I'll work on it when i am lessssssssssss stressed.

But now that i have discovered all the incredible stuff you can get from itunes for free i am sooo excited! like i just never knew there was so much free stuff on here, man they should really not call it itunes store! more like library!


  1. Yes, I defeated you! Actually you should still feel quite proud of your accomplishments. The learning journey is about you. As your tour guide, you shouldn't feel compelled to make every stop...most of them but not all.

  2. Oh God! I laughed so hard at that video of flight of the conchords. I totally forgot about that episode with the leather suits. HA!

  3. Thanks for listening to my podcast :) It's too bad that you won't be making one - it really wasn't as hard as I was expecting. Then again, I didn't to any cool effects like Erika's neat-o podcasts, it was all me. If you ever get the chance to try making one I recommend it! It's a fun way to make your voice heard.

  4. @Dean, I really appreciate the flexability of this class, I really feel comfortable being brutally honest in my blogs and being scared of your replies. A lot of other profs would have bitten my head off already!