Wednesday, April 1, 2009

k-12 online

When Dean did our updates of techtasks and said that i hadn't done number seven i was very confused. I went back and looked at seven then went through my blog and found the blog i had done for it, but then realized i am dumb. I had done it for TED not k-12 online. sillllllllly me!

So heres my synopsis on a presentation from

I was going through the website and found a presentation by none of then our very own DEAN SHARESKI! Of course i then felt obligated to watch it and write about it. It's titled Kicking it Up a Notch Film School For Video Podcasters.

watching it i was a little confused, the guy in the video is not Dean, but the video is really good. It literally is a step by step how to of video pod casts. It goes through things like story boarding, like we did during an inclass activity. He talks about appropriate shots, and how to get a good shot using things like angles, and zooming. It's important for a director to know these things and have them in mind as they start to film a video. He talks about shots being aesthetically pleasing and the rule of thirds. This video focuses on making movies in the classroom, but of course applies to all videos.

This would be a great movie to watch before filming anything. It walks you through key components of a successful film and the material that you need. It has a lot of good tips. If I ever found myself in the situation of making a movie in a classroom, i know i would not know where to even start! I would refer back to this video, simply b/c it is not extremly techinical, and its easy to understand.

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