Tuesday, April 7, 2009

final project summary

okay so is my THIRD attempt at creating this blog. First time that I attempted to do it, i had my complete blog typed and my final project video uploading, and i just waiting for that finish. After about an hour of waiting for my video to load a cute little box popped up that told me that the internet had to close for some stupid reason. And POOF there goes my blog, and an hour of waiting for that video to upload. The second attempt I had about half my blog written and i dont even know what i did and then POOF it was goneZO! But you what they say, third times the charm! (it better be or else i am going to snap)

So for my final project me and Robbie created a video for the website Next Vista for learning. Our video will be shown under the under the Global Views. Robbie is also posting it on youtube, but at this point I am unsure what it is titled. We created a video portraying the Battlefords, our hometown (YEYEAH represent!). As I already posting in my blog, me and Robbie drove four hours home one weekend and drove around the Battlefords and did an extensive photo shoot of our community. We had WELL over a hundred photos to sift through. So we sat down adn decided what aspects of the city were the most important b/c we were told that our video should be a happy medium between two to four minutes. So we sorted through them and got rid of a large chunk. Then we started clumping the photos together in catagories such as schools, scenic views, galleries, health care facilities, etc. During this process a lot more of the photos were deleted from our project. Once we had all our final photos we started reorganizing the clumped pictures so it would flow nicely as a video. During this whole process Robbie had a killer migrane, the screen on the laptop was down as far as it would go, the curtains were drawn and the tylenol was slowly kicking in. So then we began the AUDIO, duh duh duuuuh! We were using Robbie Mac something of other (the newest one), and we were using the movie making application on it. This made the audio way easier then i thought it would. We could record short audio clips as the pictures in the slide show played. Deleting and re-recording audio clips was an easy procedure. I think we did have the mic up a bit tooooo high b/c when you play it you have to crank the volume down, but i mean no biggie.

the Battlefords are a very unique place to live! I wouldn't say that they are a popular travel destination. North Battleford is your typical Saskatchewan small city, and Battleford is your typical Saskatchewan town! I absolutly love the Battlefords, and am always so happy to go home.

I am going to post this blog and up load my video in another one, so another accident doesn't happen and my third go POOF!

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