Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For the two stories that i portrayed for the tech task 50 ways to tell a story, i chose to tell the story of my highschool career. the first website i used was and the second (this blog) was This website is literally an only scrapbooking site/blog. It was really fun to create this to tell my story of highschool. It was easy to use and by the looks of the website used by mostly by teenagers. It was interesing to look at the "glogs" that were already created on that website. A huge chunk of them were about Twilight, which made me a little nauseous. This website also provides the option of adding video to a "glog", which would have been interesing, but i have no video on my computer from highschool.

If you are into scrapbooking and fun stuff like that, i would recommend this website. I really havn't explored it further then creating this glog, but it looks interesting. My user name is deebau, WE COULD BE FRIENDS! It's pretty intense, check it out, it'll take you back a couple years of 4 hour long msn conversations and myspace and hotmail email forwards, and all that fun stuff we wasted our evenings on when in grade eight.

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